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Our History Showcase
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Since 2007, Soul of Canada has been producing History Showcase Calendars that highlight the stories and events at the roots of Canada’s social and industrial heritage. Produced in collaboration with leading Canadian historical organizations and societies, these Showcases have been bestsellers from the start, winning national awards and accolades along the way. Focusing on celebrating the history of Canada’s foundational industries and pioneers, each Showcase offers a unique perspective on Canadian history. While major milestones and events are highlighted, these calendars celebrate the role that working people had in building these industries, their communities and the country.

Each edition includes:


  • Over 70-100 rare archival photographs
  • Compelling articles and personal accounts
  • Detailed timelines and/or maps
  • Key industry milestones and anniversaries
  • References for further reading
  • An overview of the industry in Canada from inception to present day